In God We Trust, In Ourselves We Believe

Even Young, but I am very well-connected with a great networking (e.g. LinkedIn with 30 k connection and couple of thousands of followers), I believe in integrity, I trust my abilities as “Revenue/ Value Creator”, Brain stormer and motivator. As a goal oriented, I take the necessary steps to achieve targeted milestones. Technology oriented and sustainable development believer, I have done a lot to manipulate and guide not only my company, but also my family to move on the same way of energy efficiency, system modeling, Artificial Intelligence and state-of-the-art technologies and respect technocratic attitude. For instance my son successfully achieved “National Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad Silver Medal” and my Daughter, she is trying hard in Robotics and A/I subject at the age of 12. A summery of what I have done recently to follow digital era trends rather than my core business activities as Oil, Gas, and Energy professional and being in charge of international level of contracts (for technology Transfer, procurement, IOC and service companies, JV, partnership agreement and contracts, etc.), is as below:

- Block-chain based cryptocurrency mining and relevant smart contracts.

- WITSML project manager as the “First digitalization project in Iran oil and Gas section”.

- Establishment of a conglomerate entities to push Digital Transformation in the Area.