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OPEC Solutions Flyer f47276138f0a406aa8e1b63842a009b5.jpeg 3/1/2020 11:31:21 PM OPEC Solutions Flyer Download Edit Details Delete
COVID-19 and the emerging necessity of Digital Transformation dfec25114ac84aa8bdb1bbe7205e0e7d.pdf 4/2/2020 6:46:59 PM How COVID-19 outbreak bolded the necessity of digital transformation. Edit Details Delete
Letter of Commendation - Oil & Gas Knowledge-Based Companies Summit 427438e01a8e49cfb1fb993824d1bc17.jpg 4/15/2020 7:16:23 PM ‏After a couple of years of hard work and great efforts as a knowledge-based entity, our team's dedication and perseverance have paid off. During the oil & gas knowledge-based companies and startups summit held at the international conference centre of the research institute of petroleum industry (RIPI), after two rounds of technical and feasibility arbitration by the jury head committee consisting of more than 200 professionals, experts and professors, we have been awarded the “ GOLD MEDAL” among 1000 competitors. ‏We are determined to continue to be a pioneer in our country, relying on knowledge and our perseverance, not only in the DX field but also in the formation of Smart / Digital Oilfields in the country and the region. Edit Details Delete
INOVEXIC Participation Certificate f5def796c81248d9aa3c928b1b421981.jpeg 4/15/2020 7:28:16 PM The Oman Ecommerce Conference Participation Certificate Edit Details Delete
Certificate of Incorporation 138bfbc678e24a19929df58249431e21.jpeg 1/3/2022 9:20:47 AM Edit Details Delete
Drilling Data Managment Suite d27a27c6124e401fb240d5a3c362aac2.rar 6/25/2022 2:38:34 PM The Integrated WITSML2-Powerded Solutions Covering All The Needs In Every Layer Of Oil & Gas Drilling Enterprises to unlock The Power Of Data Reporting Analytics Visualization Simulation Optimization Edit Details Delete